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IT Assessment
Conduct interviews with selected staff in an office of 70 employees. Write a detailed report including executive summary, assessment, and recommendations for improving information technology services.
Website Development: Content Management
Design and develop a database driven solution to manage a content rich website, including: web-based forms in a private administrative section for easy content management by persons with no html knowledge, and PHP programming to display dynamic content on public web pages.
Network Architecture Design
Design, specify, order, install and configure all components needed to set up a network for a small office, including a Windows 2000 server, workstations, printers, and full-time Internet access.
Network Upgrade
Specify, order, install and configure a Windows 2000 server, Fast Ethernet switch and two workstations to replace existing equipment in an office of fifteen employees.
Research at the Library of Congress
Research and locate primary documents and photographs for publication in an encylcopedia spanning the 20th century.
Online research
Research and locate online information sources on use of cutting edge technology in distance learning environments.

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