Samples of Projects: Database-Driven Websites

360° Feedback System

This system was developed for an executive coaching firm. They wanted a way to streamline the process of creating, administering, and scoring the surveys.

"I’ve just published the 3rd or 4th survey with our application. I just wanted to write you a note and thank you for your work again. The program works great. I estimate that it saves me 7-15 hours per survey, and makes it possible to do surveys with more people that I would have ever attempted in the past. The design is simple, clean, and elegant. You’ve done great work."
- Bryan Franklin, California Leadership Center

Like many of our custom-built systems, this one has one section for administrators, and another section for users. You can try out both sections here. On the administrative side, you can create a new client and job, then build a survey, and then add your survey recipients and respondents. After that, you can try out the user side, by entering the system as a respondent, and taking the surveys. Then go back as an administrator and see the survey scores.
Create and Score 360° Feedback Surveys

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(All these components are implemented using web database technology.)

Friends Committee on National Legislation

FCNL has a content-rich website that they manage using custom-built solutions by InfoVisions.

Administrative forms behind the scenes make it easy for staff to keep the constantly-changing content up-to-date, with no html coding required. The system ensures that new information is always formatted and displayed properly on the public pages. Database-backed content is fully searchable from public search pages.

Web database technology also helps FCNL manage the content of its regular email alerts, so members can stay informed about topics of interest.

Click on the links at left to explore these public portions of FCNL's database-enabled website.

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